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Luigi’s Mansion Gooey Co-op Partner is Actually Canon

Luigi's Mansion

The 3DS remake of the GameCube classic, Luigi’s Mansion released recently, and with it, the newly introduced cooperative mode. Initially it seemed as though the green-goo silhouette version of Luigi merely existed as a vehicle for the second player, but it looks like Nintendo actually decided to address this character’s presence. Professor E. Gadd, one of the central characters of Luigi’s Mansion, supposedly creates Gooigi in the future before sending him back to help Luigi on his quest.

Although the 3DS version of the game is a clear graphical downgrade from the original GameCube version which makes you wonder why the game wasn’t remade for the Switch, it is still good to see new features like Gooigi and Amiibo support added into an older game. Since Gooigi is now canon, that may mean the character could receive an Amiibo, or even appear as an echo fighter in Smash. Even if none of that happens, chances are we can expect to see Gooigi returned in the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 set to release in 2019.

The Luigi’s Mansion remake released on October 12th, and you can learn more about the game here, and you can see Gooigi’s introduction in the video below.

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