Lovecraftian Conarium Releases Today on Steam

Inspired by the classic 1935 novella by H.P. Lovecraft, At The Mountains of Madness, psychological horror game Conarium releases today on Steam. Developer Zoetrope Interactive and publisher Iceberg Interactive’s new game has an asking price of $19.99.

As scientist Frank Gilman, players awake to an alternate dimension after experiencing death in an experiment meant to “test the absolute limits of nature”. Set within an Antarctic base, strange incidents begin to occur due to the experiment and the strange artifact that fueled it, putting Frank and ostensibly his fellow scientists in a horrifying situation. Strange, eldritch-looking creatures are to be expected.

“Conarium is our third project and with it we sought to deliver players a horrifying new adventure – in a style that’s typical of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing” says Galip Kartoğlu, lead programmer at Zoetrope Interactive. “We built on Lovecraftian lore and expanded the mythos, the game being a homage to the events of ‘At the Mountains of Madness’. With Conarium we hope to contribute to H.P. Lovecraft’s long lasting legacy of crafting a highly atmospheric yet alienating sense of place.”

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