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Lovecraftian comedy “The Miskatonic” aiming for a September 2016 release


While we don’t cover nearly as many Kickstarter games as we used to, the titles I do get to talk about are usually games that leave me super hyped. Such was the case with The Miskatonic, a beautiful-looking game that features a distinctly Lovecraftian setting, but is written to be a comedy.

We covered this game before, but for those who missed it or have since forgotten: the game puts you in the role of a shotgun-wielding Witch that works for a university that studies the occult. She helps the faculty and students, all of which are monsters, organize various expeditions to find new research material, while secretly using the university’s resources to summon the Lovecraftian deity Shub-Niggurath. The game is said to mix elements of Japanese visual novels with puzzles inspired by the Playstation 2 era of gaming.

As of yesterday, we now have an estimated release date as well. In response to a question on the game’s blog, the developer stated they had a September 2016 release in mind and were well on track to meet that goal.


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