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Lost Planet 3 to be survival horror?

So, we’ve been hearing a lot about Capcom’s next couple of games lately. The gaming giant has been going into marketing overdrive with it’s games. Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, and… Lost Planet 3. I’ve never really gotten into the Lost Planet franchise, although I suppose I could. Lost Planet 1 is retailing used for about 2 dollars now. And now I have even more incentive, what with Lost Planet 3¬†supposedly¬†taking a “Survival Horror” direction.

While previous entries in the series have been some sort of weird mash-up of Gears of War, Starship Troopers, Bionic Commando and maybe some Armored Core, this newest installment is taking some serious tips from the Dead Space school of game design. Capcom Germany released a video showcasing the new gameplay, and the game has taken a complete 180 turn from the action-packed romp it was before. Even the camera angle looks like Dead Space!

The video is strictly in German, but you can see and hear mentions of the survival horror genre. For now, we’ll keep a look out and see if coverage of this game is warranted.

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