Live the medieval life and die horribly in "The Black Plague" - Rely on Horror

Live the medieval life and die horribly in “The Black Plague”

Black Death

The medieval times are one of gaming’s favorite settings. In-between serving as the backdrop for most fantasy stories and making for great strategy titles, many developers make use of the wars and hardships of the time to create interesting video games. Still, I wouldn’t exactly want to live in those ages, yet that is exactly what The Black Death offers.

This ambitious multiplayer game provides players with a huge world to explore and charges them with trying to live in it. Literally. You can be a knight, sure, but the game also allows you to be a farmer, fisher, trader, and a number of other daily occupations that may be just as needed. The world is tormented by a plague, you see, so while warriors may be needed to fight off the infected, it doesn’t hurt to have someone who can actually pay for medicine or keep everyone fed. While information is scarce at the moment, I think that with the right mechanics this could turn out to be an interesting social game where cooperation between different classes is a must.

The game is set for an early access release in March, so keep an eye out for it.

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