Live-Action Corpse Party Film To Get A Sequel

We never got around to any sort of official review for the live-action Corpse Party film, adapted from the awesome horror game/manga/anime series, although the internet seems to have given it a resounding… meh. 30-something actors playing high-school underclassmen apparently does get old at some point. But the film did well enough that we’re apparently getting a sequel!

This past Thursday, a sequel was announced by the staff of the first film, with much of the same cast returning– including Rina Ikoma of Nogizaka46 and formerly AKB48 (they’re Japanese “female idol groups”… whatever in the world that means). I’m curious to know if the sequel will follow the story of Corpse Party’s second Heavenly Host game, Book of Shadows, or if they go for an entirely original story with the same characters.

If at all possible, we’ll try to get a review out for this one. Although CJ and I have talked about maybe doing a Whispers in the Dark commentary for the first film, so we’ll see what coverage we’ll be able to wrangle for the live-action Corpse Party franchise.


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