LET IT DIE announced for PC later this year - Rely on Horror

LET IT DIE announced for PC later this year

After finding success in late 2016 on the PS4, Grasshopper Manufacture’s LET IT DIE is skateboarding onto Steam this Fall. Besides the blunt announcement, other important details like a concrete date or performance details have yet to be provided by its publisher, GungHo Online.

Being free-to-play, the game achieved 4 million downloads Worldwide on the Playstation Store. The hack-and-slash dungeon crawler was littered with rougelite elements like constantly changing floor and a punishing death system in which you had to pay microtransactions to continue from where you left off if you died or a hefty in-game fine to recover your corpse. The game also featured a goofy tone to offset the revolting atmosphere and gory visuals along with massive tracklist with over 80 songs.

You can read our review of the experience on consoles here. The game has received a number of updates since launch including collaboration events with Killer7 and Gravity Rush 2.

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