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Left 4 Dead: New expansion detailed

Left 4 Dead, what can be said about such a game that lets you unload on the walking dead. Personally, I find it to be one of the most fun co-op experiences out there. So it’s safe to assume that people are still putting in hours into the game. Whether it be Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2. Both also received a piece of DLC to further expand the campaign. Left 4 Dead  with ‘Crash Course’ and the sequel with ‘The Passing’. Oh and what a revelation made in ‘the passing’ huh? Well now, we’re going to be able to play the evens that led up to that, albeit a different ending.

Yeah you read that right, now it doesn’t necessarily have to be the poor soul found dead in ‘The Passing’ it could be any of the four original survivors. Enter “The Sacrifice”, this campaign expansion is downloadable for both Left 4 Dead Games. You’ll play the cast of the original as, aforementioned, they are led up to the  consequences seen in the “Passing”. This time, as the name suggests, you’ll be able to choose who dies. What a twist.

This new campaign will be available by October, no price was tagged to it yet though (pc/mac users get it free). Left 4 Dead 2 owners will also be granted the ability to download the ‘No Mercy’ campaign from the first game, with updated visuals. And to cap things off, a digital comic will debuting next month. Left 4 Dead goodness for everyone!

More information as it comes.


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