Konami releases a Silent Hill HD Collection trailer, and bread comparison

Konami has just a released a slightly new trailer for the Silent Hill HD Collection. A few seconds of new footage has replaced some scenes in the exact trailer that we got a few months ago. Here’s the real kicker, the trailer still lists the release date as January 24th; I thought it was March! I guess it was too much to look over the trailer for a game that just came out today: March 13th.

Konami has also released a few new screenshots showing the games side by side with their original counterparts. Two of the screens are exactly the same and the other are mostly within the Bakery in Silent Hill 3. I guess that’s how you advertise a game these days. Comparing the resolution of the Bakery will definitely get people interested in buying a classic survival horror game.

Honestly, Konami, what’s going on? I absolutely love the Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid series, but are you even trying to get people to buy your games? There has been little to no advertising for either Silent Hill game, horrible screenshots that show unfinished builds, dated trailers, and last minute delays. Your behavior has been so self destructive, lately. Are you OK?

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