Koei's 2004 project Nioh comes back in 2015

TGS 2015: Koei’s 2004 project Ni-Oh comes back in 2015


More than a decade ago, Koei was working on a feudal Japanese game (that isn’t Samurai Warriors or Toukiden) called Ni-Oh. It was planned as an early title for the PS3 based on an unfinished script by the late Akira Kurosawa and there was even an E3 trailer in 2005. So after years of quiet confirmations that it was still being made, Ni-Oh makes its official return at this year’s TGS.

Our half-Caucasian/half-Japanese protagonist William travels across Japan to defeat a number of spooky youkai such as onis, a jorogumo, and an umibozu. Many have remarked on the mechanics being similar to the Souls series including locking-on to single opponents in order to properly time attacks and counter, a system in which you lose resources (spirits) when you die, and discovering pools of blood from recently defeated players to find out how they perished. In addition to the latter, you can fight AI-created ghosts of these other players in order to reap some rewards.

This action RPG will (for now) come out on the PS4 in 2016 and Team NINJA has taken over as the lead developer.

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