Killing Floor 2 Receives The Long Awaited ‘Endless Mode’

D.A.R Killing Floor

For quite some time now, fans of Killing Floor 2 have been asking for an Endless Mode for the popular zombie-mutant shooter. In the latest update, fans will be receiving just that and a whole lot more. As you may suspect, the Endless Mode removes the wave limit that each standard match of Killing Floor has, allowing players to continue on for as long as they can manage. This is great news for more experienced players who want to test how long they can last against chaotic waves of Zeds without as much of a definite ending with a final boss.

If Endless Mode isn’t catching your attention, there is a lot more here to take note of, as new content has been added all around.

The list of new features include…

  • The Endless Mode (featuring the Patriarch as the new trader)
  • A New Zed Type: The Rioter
  • 3 New Weapons
  • The Return Of The Playable Character D.A.R (From Killing Floor 1)
  • 2 New Maps & Achievements
  • New Unlockable Cyberpunk Cosmetics

You can see the trailer displaying the new content below. Since the update has been out a couple days, have you got to try the new mode? I know it’s given me a reason to return to the game. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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