Kholat – a first-person, open world inspired by true events

Currently in development by polish independent development studio IMGN.PRO, Kholat takes inspiration from the Dyatlov Pass Incident, in which several Russian skiers disappeared during a trip in the Ural Mountains.

The incident took place on the east coast of the Kholat Syakhl, whose name, incidentally enough, translates to “Mountain of the Dead.”  The area in which the people disappeared has since been changed to Dyatlov after the group’s leader.  The incident on its own is creepy-sounding enough – during the trip, the skiers fled their tent during heavy snowfall and while the recovered bodies showed no signs of a struggle, two of them had fractured skulls and broken ribs.

Wonder what did that?

Of course you can look at the authorities’ account of what happened, but that wouldn’t be very fun.  The game is inspired by these events, but the world of Kholat and the mystery surrounding the deaths of those skiers is much more mysterious.

Kholat is a first-person, open-world horror title with non-linear game play.  The game focuses on world exploration and story-telling, so think The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.  Taking a look at the alpha footage, you can see that it’s got some nice-looking visuals, and as it turns out, has some powerful voice-acting to accompany.  One of the narrators is being voiced by Sean Bean.

The game is planned for a first-quarter 2015 release on PC and Mac, but an official date or price haven’t been set just yet.  You can follow the game’s progress on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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