KFC Designed a VR Escape Room to Train Employees

kfc vr

KFC, as in the fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken, has announced that they’ve added a new Oculus Rift VR experience to the training program for new employees.

This “game” shows new hires how to make KFC’s signature batch of fried chicken in a reported 10 minutes as opposed to the standard 25 minutes timed in real life. They accomplish this by putting players in a strange escape room scenario where they cannot leave until they finish making fried chicken. The colonel himself, equipped with a suspicious and reoccurring cough, acts as the orchestrator of the training, telling players at one point to “put your supple human hands in that breading”.

At the end, the player must present a finished drumstick to an imposing door with the colonel’s face on it. He then swallows it…You’re then given freedom from the chicken prison only to find yourself still in the captivity of the KFC corporation.

Not only is the gameplay freaking weird, but man what a time we live in where we’ve begun to receive VR-based training for service industry jobs. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to associate your brand mascot with the likes of Jigsaw or Zero from the Zero Escape series, or having employees “imprisoned” by the colonel himself until you make his chicken, but it makes for an interesting story.


YouTube video

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