Junji Ito-inspired Visual Novel ‘Mycorrhiza’ Creeps Its Way onto PC this August


Mycorrhiza is an upcoming visual novel by indie developer FulminisIctus, inspired by Junji Ito’s and Masaaki Nakayama’s horror manga. In the game, three doors introduce the player to three different terrors. The game features a manga aesthetic (with CGs drawn by a manga artist), as well as a focus on dynamic audio.

The game follows its protagonist as they try to find a way back home. On the way, reality distorts around them and people’s morals begin to shift in cruel and unexpected ways. Unusual things start to happen, including a strange plant that transforms animals, a freakish comedy trend, and a bizarre building that traps people. Each of the three arcs explores different terrors.


Mycorrhiza will release for PC (Windows, Mac, & Linux) on August 12th.

To find out more information and to download the demo, you can visit the game’s itch.io page here. You can also check out the official trailer below.

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