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Joystiq tracks the development of Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Joystiq has sat down with Konami and Wayforward to track the development timeline of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. In this article, Joystiq has dated development milestones of the controversial Vita title.

The article caught my eye because it reveals a lot about this Silent Hill spinoff. The timeline details key events in the development process. Images of Wayforward’s prototype proof of concept Silent Hill demo can also be found in the article as well. Along with that, some information regarding the numerous changes the game went through from its concept stage.

Wayforward’s prototype game looked pretty interesting. Their knack for stylizing their games showed through. The art direction seems to have stayed with the game since that prototype. Visually, the game was and still remains pretty vibrant.

Whether you’re excited for the game or not, the article provides an interesting look at how Konami’s producers and Wayforward crafted a “different” type of Silent Hill game after being given set objectives by the company. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is slated for an October release date. An exact date has yet to be given.


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