Jim’s Nightmare: Chapter 1 is a Pixelated Psychological Adventure Set to Release in June

Jim’s Nightmare: Chapter 1Sky Den Games will be releasing their psychological point-and-click puzzle adventure game Jim’s Nightmare: Chapter 1 for PC this June.

In the game, players must uncover the truth behind Jim’s shady past, his current mental illness and his peerless journey to vanquish a madman.


  • The game’s story reveals eerie character connections and dark secrets – As dream and reality blur, brace for horrors beyond nightmares, transcending fear into unknown terror.
  • Voice Casting for all characters – Sets us apart with a unique feature. Few games offer this nowadays, enhancing your playing experience significantly.
  • Diverse locales as the story unfolds – Ensures a dynamic and engaging experience that evolves with the gameplay.
  • Array of challenging puzzles – Only puzzle masters will breeze through them effortlessly. These puzzles demand keen attention to all in-game clues, along with sharp wit and creativity.
  • Captivating Gameplay – From survival puzzles to thrilling chase sequences. Engage in detective work, gathering evidence and solving mysteries with keen observation.
  • Gritty gangster-themed world – Delve into the darker side of society. Navigate through a realm tinged with drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Jim’s Nightmare: Chapter 1 launches on Jun 4, 2024 for PC via Steam and GOG.

You can also watch the official pre-release trailer below.

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