Jason IV and Jarvis Home Come to Friday the 13th in Free Update This Week

Friday the 13th Part IV

The previously announced Friday the 13th Part IV content is coming to Friday the 13th: The Game on … Friday the 13th. Better yet, the content will be completely free.

With the Part IV update comes a new playable Jason with his own special kills and weapon, plus an entirely new map: the Jarvis home. If you’re lacking on your Friday the 13th knowledge, Tommy Jarvis (just a boy in Part IV) grows up to be a nemesis for Jason, appearing in multiple movies. In addition to the counselors, Tommy Jarvis is a special summon character that can challenge Jason. The addition of the Jarvis home as a map also brings new rain weather effects to the game, which will be randomized across all maps, not just the new one. If you’re interested in picking up the game at retail, a new list is available as well detailing which stores will carry the game.

Who’s still playing Friday the 13th? A new map sounds like just what I need to jump back in.

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