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Japanese Indie Horror Mermaid Swamp Gets a Remake

Mermaid Swamp

Isometric pixelated horror game Mermaid Swamp, a cult classic made in the Wolf RPG Editor, has received an official remake from its original creator.

Japanese indie dev Uri, who made the original game and other titles — Paranoiac and The Crooked Man — recently released this freeware horror adventure online. The new version of Mermaid Swamp has improved graphics, new illustrations, gameplay improvements, and Japanese voice acting. Downloads for the remake, original version, and the remake without voice acting are available here —¬†translated into English courtesy of Japanese-to-English translator vgperson.

Rin Yamazaki and her college friends have their car break down in the mountains on a trip. Fortunately, a kindly old man offers to let them stay at his house. But there’s a legend about the swamp outside the mansion… Content Warning:¬†Blood, gore, and death. Body horror. Drowning. Some mild nudity. Cannibalism in one ending. Jumpscares. Swearing.

[Source, Via Twitter: VGPerson]

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