Isometric Survival Game Distrust Channels John Carpenter’s The Thing

With their new game Distrust, developer Alawar wants you to reminisce about the thrills that you first experienced while watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. Distrust is so very much inspired by the classic horror film that it follows a similar premise and setting: a group of people are stranded in an Arctic base with a monstrous foe that attacks them in their sleep, stirring paranoia and fatigue as the survivors don’t know who to trust as their constitutions wane. Heck, Distrust‘s Steam summary is simply “Inspired by John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

Distrust is an isometric survival game where you have to scavenges for supplies and stave off psychological effects due to your character’s lack of sleep. Go too long and instead of just giggling for no reason, your character may begin suffering from worse things like “quoting Shakespeare” out of no where and seeing your partner as a monster — which one scares you more? Switching between the game’s two main characters is vital to optimize your scavenging and discern what’s real and what’s a hallucination. In total, Distrust has fifteenth playable characters with various skills and abilities, numerous status mutations that affect the player’s state, and randomly generated maps.

An open beta for Distrust will launch on Steam in August. A playable demo is available today.

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