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Is Siren: Blood Curse getting remastered?


To this day, I still haven’t finished Siren: Blood Curse. I remember going through a few of the game’s episodes back when they released on PlayStation 3, but I ended up… moving on to something else. I regret that decision, and I’ve been wanting to get back to the game for a while now. But with no access to a PlayStation 3 in my house, I have to wait for a potential remaster. (Or just buy/borrow a PS3, I know.)

The Korean Game Rating Board has issued their rating for Siren: Blood Curse. This could possibly indicate plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4 by way of a remastered edition. That’s something I would definitely love to see happen. I’ll finally be able to finish what I started several years ago.

Hey, the game really scared the crap out of me and stressed me out!


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