Irrational Games Now Ghost Story Games, Working On New BioShock-Like Title

Huh, speaking of BioShock a few days ago.

Irrational Games, the studio behind BioShock and BioShock: Infinite, has officially changed the name of the studio to Ghost Story games, with a neat new logo that reminds me a lot of the sorts of cute plasmid images used in Rapture. The studio has also announced that it’s working on new games:

Our mission is simple: to create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them. While we believe our new games will have strong appeal to fans of BioShock, our new focus allows us to craft experiences where the gameplay is as challenging as the stories.

They followed up by saying that they aren’t ready to share specific details about their new game, but given the incredible pedigree of their games I’d say it’s probably a safe bet that whatever this new title is it’s going to be incredible. Don’t get too excited if you’re a BioShock fan, as 2K still owns the rights to the series, and any future that series has, it will be with them, not Ghost Story Games. I wouldn’t be surprised if whatever the game is, it might still end with a “shock” in the title, like the succession of SystemShock to BioShock. GhostShock? BreadShock? Who knows. Either way, I’m excited to see where they go next.


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