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Unlucky Seven Brings the Gore This August

I feel like it’s a bit rare that we get to cover gratuitous gore in recent months, so I’d like to take a moment to dedicate this post to all of the Hostel fans out there. This one is for you. Thanks for sticking with us while we covered literally anything else, oh my god. Also, hello to the furries. You’re special guests at this party, too! Welcome to Unlucky Seven. We’ve locked the doors behind you.

Unlucky Seven is an indie game by Puzzling Dream, the team behind interplanetary adventure game The Way. In Unlucky Seven, a group of furry friends decides to ditch their Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and head to the nearest luxury motel to party it up. Their excellent decision-making powers must be attributable to something in the water because the motel manager has chosen to eat a meal of human liver sausages on the same night. In something akin to wendigo folklore, cannibalism awakens a hunger within him, and the friends look like a tasty treat.

The trailer for the game flashes back and forth between fun party time and gross gore, but I am having trouble understanding one thing. At what point did these friends walk up to what looks like Alchemilla Hospital with new lighting and think, “this is the epitome of motel luxury”? The pixelated graphics leave plenty to the imagination, an homage to old school survival horror games. My imagination didn’t put dirty walls, chains hanging from the ceilings, and exposed pipes there, though. The only thing they should have said at check-in was, “get meowt of here.” That motel is a serious no from me. Unlucky Seven looks like a serious yes, though, so I am hoping it lives up to its promises.

Unlucky Seven will release on August 30th for Windows via Steam.

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