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Fight Everything but the Kitchen Sink in ArmZ VR

Who doesn’t love the endless joy of a good wave-based combat game? Controlled hordes of enemies forever attacking strongholds, with players representing the last hope for humanity are one of the least populated and most fun subgenres in gaming. Enter ArmZ VR, which brings waves of post-apocalyptic fiends crawling out of every crevice to VR courtesy of STEAM. The basic gist of the game is that some massive war has all but annihilated human life, with small outposts cowering inside walled-off cities. Beyond the walls, the vast vwasteland is teeming with human-machine hybrids whose only goal is to finish the job. Players are tasked with guarding the walls using a pair of mech arms and a variety of weapons.

The game starts simply, with players given the option to use hands only, a minigun and a hand, or dual wielded miniguns. More weapons unlock as you advance, though those who have tried the game advocate for leaving a hand free; the enemies make a satisfying pop sound when crushed to death within a mech fist. That tactic comes with the bonus of making other enemies on the field freeze in fear, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The ArmZ system can also be used to shield players from bombs thrown by more advanced enemies or equipped with a harpoon for long-range grabbing of squishable biobots. Players who want more fun and less finesse may enjoy equipping dual miniguns and lighting up the entire battlefield with gunfire. There is a tactic for every kind of player.

Beyond the array of weapons available, there are also different types of enemies. Basic enemies come in droves and attempt to flank the ArmZ, while enemies armed with explosives take a more head-on approach, and yet another type carries a shield and heavy armor to block your damage. None of them have that pesky sense of self-preservation, though, so you’d best keep up the pace if you want to survive.

Try your hands (and arms) at keeping the horde held back in the currently available ArmZ VR STEAM Early Access release, with full release expected in the first half of 2019.


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