Indie Horror Showcase Roundup August 15, 2019 - Rely on Horror

Indie Horror Showcase Roundup August 15, 2019

Indie Horror Showcase

Welcome back to Rely On Horror’s Indie Horror Game Showcase! There are a ton of new projects coming out of indie studios that many are not aware of, and here we will be showing off some of the latest titles that get sent our way via Steam Curators Connect or through email. Regardless if you are looking for something new to play, or are simply interested in seeing what some of the latest creations in the industry are, you should definitely check these games out.

Today we have…

Tailypo: The Game


A choose your own adventure story; after the player character flees from their monotonous marriage, they find themselves isolated in the Appalachian mountains. As though basic survival wasn’t hard enough, new mysteries and dangers begin to reveal themselves, leading to many of the game’s various endings. Tailypo: The Game is available now for $24.99, you can check out the trailer and more about the game in the link below.

Under The Ground

Under The Ground

Under The Ground is an escape room game with very prominent horror elements. The player awakens…underground…to find themselves trapped with a variety of monsters. The only means of escape is through solving the various puzzles scattered throughout the locale. If you ever wanted to experience an escape room attraction, but don’t care to leave your house, then give Under The Ground a go.

Death and Progress

Death and Progress

A puzzle game in which you sometimes need to lose in order to win. Death and Progress follows a young girl who wakes up in a facility with no knowledge of herself nor her surroundings. Thanks to a machine that exists to constantly revive her, the player can complete various tests in which death is the only means of progressing.

A Place for the Unwilling

A Place For The Unwilling

A Place For The Unwilling is a story-centric game. Set in the last few weeks before a city and its inhabitants meet a grim fate, every action the player makes affects the city in some way, creating a wide variety of branching narratives. Players could use their time to save the city from the oncoming catastrophe, or they can await its ruin. No matter what, the clock is always ticking.

The Cross Horror Game

The Cross Horror Game

A first-person survival horror game with a clear inspiration from classic Resident Evil titles. After his family goes missing, Zak’s quest to save them traps him in a haunted mansion filled to the brim with ghosts, zombies, and more. The game is certainly rough around the edges, but it seems to have a certain charm about it.

My Bones Remastered

Indie Horror Showcase

A remaster of the 2015 walking simulator, My Bones is about a man who awakes in his own grave. Strange noises originate from the nearby church, leading the player character to explore. The game features two different ends which are determined by the actions the player takes. While the game is mostly the same as the original release, the graphical fidelity has definitely improved as well as the price point. If you’ve ever been curious what My Bones is all about now would be a good time to learn.

Adam – Lost Memories

Adam - Lost Memories

Adam – Lost Memories is a first-person psychological horror, based on the developer’s traumatic experiences with child abuse. From the physics engine to the originally composed music, there is a clearly a lot of care and production value being pumped into every aspect of this game and all the current early access reviews seem to reflect that. If Adam – Lost Memories interests you, be sure to check it out in the link below.

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