If Twin Peaks Was a Metroidvania it Might Be Necrosphere

The award-nominated Metroidvania-style platformer Necrosphere may not be terrifying in the traditional sense, but if you’re a fan of Twin Peaks references and brutally difficult platformers, you might have a giggle (and a scream). Developer Cat Nigiri has announced that Necrosphere will release at PAX West on PC (September 1st).

As tiny Special Agent Terry Cooper (cough), you’re cast into a hell-like world where “souls go to die”. Watch the trailer and you might recognize some familiar patterns from the mystic television show. To play, you’ll only need to use two buttons. Here’s the full description:

International agent Terry Cooper has found himself in some sticky situations, but this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Killed in a mission that went wrong, he wakes up to find himself trapped in the Necrosphere, the otherworldly place where all souls go to die. All is not lost, however; his fellow agents have managed to escape after discovering a series of portals leading back to the land of the living, and have left Terry a series of notes explaining how he can escape from this hellish place. All he has to do now is survive the fiendish traps and puzzles that await him, and his quest to escape the afterlife is on…

Necrosphere releases on September 1st on PC, Mac and Linux for $4.99.  A Deluxe version comes with an additional ultra-hard level and soundtrack for $7.99. PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android versions will release later in Q4 2017.

YouTube video

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