Horror-Gaming Documentary ‘Terrorbytes’ Launches Pre-Order Phase

Terrorbytes, a new documentary project focusing on the evolution of horror games, has launched its pre-order phase.

The documentary produced by CREATORVC, the same independent production group that already released In Search of Darkness, FPS: First Person Shooter, and In Search of Tomorrow, have launched pre-orders for their latest project Terrorbytes – The Evolution of Horror Gaming.

This time, their project will not be one long documentary video. Instead, they are producing five episodes exploring the evolution of horror-themed games from the early days all the way to the latest blockbuster titles, as well as shining a light on lesser-known gems.

Within the episodes, the team around Terrorbytes, are including many of the most impactful voices in the industry, including Akira Yamaoka, the creator of Silent Hill‘s iconic soundtrack, and John Romero.

However, the five episodes are not everything CREATORVC is including in their package. There will also be interactive Q&A sessions with industry legends, offering a quite unique opportunity to engage with influential creators in the horror-gaming space. What’s more, there are going to be in-depth vidcasts, which are hour-long videos focused on different aspects of horror gaming, featuring developers and industry experts. In the spirit of full disclosure, we are proud to announce that one of our staff members, Steve Summers, has also been brought on as an advisor on the history of horror gaming.

Here is some official info that was sent out by the team behind Terrorbytes:

Join us on an unmissable year-long celebration of horror gaming that culminates in the release of TerrorBytes, a five-part episodic documentary featuring the developers and artists who made your favourite horror games.

Our (still growing) cast includes legendary Silent Hill composer & producer Akira YamaokaDead by Daylight co-directors Mathieu Coté and Dave RichardSierra Online co-founders Roberta Williams and Ken Williams , as well as Dave Szymanski (Creator: Iron LungDusk), Hubert Chardot (Writer: Alone in the DarkAlone in the Dark 2; Scenario Design: Alone in the Dark 3), and many more.

The Terrorbytes documentary is available through the official website, where you can choose from different tiers of support.

To get a better idea of the project, you can check out the trailer below.

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