Horror Fighting Game 'Omen of Sorrow' Launches On PS4 - Rely on Horror

Horror Fighting Game ‘Omen of Sorrow’ Launches On PS4

Omen Of Sorrow

As a big fan of the horror genre, and as a casual fan of fighting games, this is a melding of genres I’ve been hoping to see for a while. Omen of Sorrow, a fighting game featuring classic horror and mythological monsters recently released exclusively on PlayStation 4, accompanied by a launch trailer.

Omen of Sorrow offers a variety of modes that fans of the fighting game genre would hope to see, a classic Arcade mode, local on online versus, in addition to a story mode which will have the player alternating between all the characters including Vladislav III (Dracula), Quasimodo, Caleb (the werewolf), and Adam (Frankenstein’s monster). Speaking of characters, this trailer shows off two new additions to the roster, Thalessa the invisible queen, and Acrtorious, representative of the headless horseman.

Fortunately, Omen of Sorrow is available both digitally and physically, although it is worth noting that the physical edition for North America has been delayed and will release November 20th, so some collectors may want to wait for this one. For those who are interested in hearing about the game’s mechanics, you can read more extensively about Omen of Sorrow in an interview with developer AOne Games here, or you can check out the trailer below.

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