Hideo Kojima Opens Up About Silent Hills And His Future With Horror Gaming

Hello again, darkness my old friend. For perhaps the last time, let’s talk about the cancelled game, Silent Hills, and it’s groundbreaking Playable Teaser. For the first time since the drama at Silent Hill parent company Konami (which involved multiple allegations of Orwellian conditions at the gaming company and a bizarre effort from the company to keep people involved with the Silent Hills project from talking publicly in general), the defunct game’s co-creator Hideo Kojima has opened up about the fate of his first ever horror game.

Speaking with Polygon, Kojima was pretty frank about the project’s future, or lack there of, saying:

“After P.T. there were similar games that were released or were developed. Personally, I don’t want to do something that is in the same tone, I would prefer to do something that takes a different approach and a different perspective to it.

P.T. in a way for us was also an experiment to understand many things. Silent Hills, I don’t think that will ever happen. I would definitely like to explore horror and by horror I don’t mean horror as a genre, but more like the feeling of terror as a theme, as a topic and this is one aspect that gets really close to interactivity of scariness so that is something I would be interested in exploring in the future.

Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus, who I just saw a couple of days ago, they really gave me a lot of support through my toughest times. I’d like to do something with them before I die.

To be honest, I don’t want to look back. I just want to move forward.”

While it seems like a somewhat bleak way to end his discussion, talking about doing things before he dies, and moving forward, but it’s important to remember that Silent Hills was a part of a huge, horrible event in Kojima’s life. While he’s probably more than happy to be rid of modern Konami and the publisher’s outlandish business models, he also had to say goodbye to every property he ever created while working for them- most notably Metal Gear Solid, his award winning legacy that has now been left entirely in the hands of Konami, to do with as they will.

I have been in love with Kojima’s works for years, and he’s one of my favorite story-tellers in all of gaming. I cannot wait to see what his newest project will be, horror or no– but for now, let’s remember what Silent Hills could have been, and respect that it will never be.


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