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Hideki Kamiya, Original Resident Evil 2 Director Wants Fans to Stop Whining

Woah. Now that is some serious, high grade, industrial strength shade.

Capcom alumni Hideki Kamiya (Director of Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and the original Resident Evil 2) is pretty active on Twitter, and pretty sassy at that. He’s been open about how positive he is in regards to the upcoming Remake of his classic game, saying on multiple occasions that (while he won’t be involved at all) he looks forward to what his old pals at Capcom pull off.

This week has been fairly heated for fans as the one-two punch of not getting any new information about the RE2 remake on RE2‘s anniversary (although admittedly that was never actually promised by Capcom) and then a set of supposed leaks might have revealed that the remake will be going with Over The Shoulder gameplay over “fixed” cameras (like the original game). This has led to a tremendous amount of fan backlash across multiple social media platforms, ranging from passionate fans who fear this could damage a game that they were looking forward to for over a decade, to less reasonable fans doing what less reasonable fans do. In the middle of all this has been poor Hideki Kamiya, who is not only not involved with the Resident Evil 2 Remake, but he doesn’t even work at Capcom anymore.

Lots of fans have been tweeting him apparently, asking for his thoughts, begging him to change the game that he isn’t involved with, etc. Kamiya pretty much has no filter, so he let his thoughts be known last night:

While many fans feel very strongly about the potential changes to the remake, it must at least mean something when even the original director is fine with the change in perspective. Could’ve worded it better, I’m sure (it’s caused a bit of a stir among fans who now feel that he’s attacking “the people who got him to where he is” according to one Redditor), but it’s also pretty clear he’s more than a little burnt out by the flow of feedback he’s been getting. If anything, hopefully his positive attitude (especially after hearing that someone he considers a friend is directing it… although we still don’t know who that is) towards the remake can help assuage some of the more passionate fans’ fears.

Or it will fan the flames to an impressively terrifying degree. Fun times.

Update: The article has since been updated to better reflect Kamiya’s position on the issue.

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