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Here’s the Fatal Frame 5 boxart we don’t know if we’ll get

In case you missed the¬†news, Fatal Frame 5 is a game that was announced not too long ago. Set to release next month in Japan, the fifth game in the ghost photography series is a Wii U exclusive and just one part of Tecmo’s new push to make the series relevant again.

With a movie, manga, and game on the way, Fatal Frame hasn’t been this talked about since that time Nintendo decided not to localize Project Zero 2: Wii Edition outside of Japan and Europe, leaving fans elsewhere to rot in cold hole in the ground.

The fifth game in the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series¬†may not have been announced outside of Japan, but at least we can look at its super pretty boxart. It’s got two girls submerged in water, an eerie tone, and a Japanese rating label (which means it’s coming out in Japan – hopefully elsewhere, but we don’t know!)

Look at the boxart in all of its splendor … now let Nintendo know this game is desired outside of Japan!

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