Heavy Rain In-Depth Trophy Guide

Despite being referred to repeatedly by critics as nothing more than a several-hour quick-time-event (which us at RoH whole-heartedly disagree with), obtaining all 57 trophies in Heavy Rain is a lot more complicated than pushing X.

We’ve compiled a guide on how to best obtain all of the trophies that Heavy Rain has to offer.  This page contains…loads of spoilers.  If you want to figure it out for yourself, turn back now.  If you just want to know what the trophies are, then head on over to the Trophy List. You’ve been warned!

This guide isn’t going to encompass the entire set of trophies because it would be pointless to go through many of them without turning this into a complete walkthrough.

Happy Birthday

This trophy is unlocked in the game’s tutorial.  You need to successfully:

a)  Complete the technical drawing in Ethan’s office
b)  Set the table for Ethan’s wife
c)   play a game outside with the kids before lunch

Good Father

In Ethan’s new place, there’s a schedule in the kitchen near the sink.  Use the various clocks on the walls to follow the schedule and put Shaun to bed in a good mood.  He’ll fuss about going to bed, but it’s what’s best for him anyway.  His stuffed rabbit is in the laundry room.

White Knight

In the sleazy motel, return to Lauren’s apartment and follow the prompts to beat up Troy.  Scott will take some damage, but he can handle it.

Private Eye

In the sleazy motel, persuade Lauren to talk about her son.  She’s not just going to tell Scott what he wants to know off the bat.  Choose the compassionate route, then trick her into saying more.

FBI Investigator

At the crime scene you need to locate the various clues left behind by the Origami Killer using ARI.  Equip Jayden’s sunglasses and repeatedly press R1 when walking around the crime scene to pick up evidence.  Be sure to check behind the railway tracks and up the hill.  When examining the body, make sure to be thorough.  Climb up the hill and check out this area too.

Good Friends

At the park, play two games with Shaun.  Make him happy by either pushing him on the swings, spinning him on the Merry-Go-Round or going on the see-saw.  Also buy him some candy from the vendor.  He hates strawberry, apparently.

Got to Remember!

When you’re being questioned by the police about Shaun’s disappearance, answer their questions correctly.  You arrived at the park at 4:10PM, but there’s no selection for that.  Pick the closest answer.  Shaun was wearing a beige coat and green pants when he disappeared.


When Hassan is being robbed, convince the junkie to leave.  You can’t knock him out though, or else you haven’t really ‘negotiated’ with him to leave.  Make sure he notices you, and do what he says.  Tell him to calm down, tell him your name and tell him to put the gun down.  Do this successfully and the robber will run away.


After Ethan has been publically suspected as the Origami Killer, a bunch of reporters have taken up residence in front of his house.  Lose them by slipping out the back door and through the neighbour’s yard.  Use the alleyway to get to Ethan’s car and drive away unnoticed.


At the station, knock down 50 people during Ethan’s panic attack.  Walk through the most crowded sections.  It might take a few tries.

Lucky Locker

The locker you’re looking for is in Row 18, and is Locker 3.  It’s the top locker.

Baby Master

Scott’s hands are full of blood.  Wash his hands in the kitchen sink and return to change the baby’s diaper.  The baby is also hungry–take the bottle to the kitchen and put it in the warmer.  Return to the baby feed her, then gently rock the baby and place her back down in the crib.  This one might take a few tries, just remember to move slowly when handling the baby.

Gold Finger

There are a lot of things in the tiny apartment to mutilate yourself with.  Choose to cut the finger off with either the axe(?!), knife or pliers.  You can find the knife sticking out of the wall in the run-down kitchen.  There’s an iron rod on the floor near the desk.  Take the rod and heat it up over the stove back in the kitchen until it glows.  There’s also disinfectant in the apartment.  Bring these things to the table and then sit down.  Before you begin, use the disinfectant, and then have Ethan cut his finger off.  After the deed is done, cauterize the wound using the hot iron rod.


Lose Blake and Jayden in the subway.  Move quickly and do not move too far toward the intersection when in traffic, or you’ll get caught.  Make sure not to get stuck at the turnstiles in the subway either.  Ethan moves slowly, so be careful where you turn.

Wise Guy

After Blake is done questioning Ethan, go into the room behind the interrogation room.  There’s a surveillance camera here taping the interview.  Turn off the camera before you continue to save Ethan.

I’m Not a Killer!

There’s nothing that says that you ‘need’ to kill the drug dealer in The Shark.  If you choose to be compassionate after he gives chase, Ethan will knock him out and flee the apartment.  As a reward for your compassion for your fellow man, you’ll recieve this trophy.  However in getting this trophy you forfeit the Trial Master trophy at the end of the game.

Queen of Ropes

Escape Madison’s restraints before The Doc returns from the door.  Carefully utilize the sixaxis controls to maneuver the drill to cut the ropes.  As soon as she’s freed herself, The Doc returns and initiates the fight sequence.

I’m Not Scared!

Follow your brother in The Twins scene without making a mistake.  You need to make it through pretty much the entire scene without making a single mistake.

Pride Saved

In Paco’s office, take off no more than one article of clothing for him during Madison’s striptease.  Clock him with the lamp after you’ve taken off your shirt and danced around a little bit.


To obtain this trophy, you need to initiate the love scene between Ethan and Madison.  After it’s finished, Ethan goes to leave and will go for his coat.  Some of Madison’s items fall out of hers–Ethan will check them and find out who she really is.  She lied to you!  Stay angry and hurt and you’ll win this trophy.

Invincible Scott

When you’re storming Kramer’s villa, do not miss a single prompt.  If you get shot ‘just once’ you need to start again.  The only prompts here are shoulder buttons, and the sequence is always the same.  You don’t have to memorize it, just be fast.

Clever Dad

This pretty much determines the end of the game.  You can easily combine this trophy with Trial Master by drinking the poison in the vial to initiate the final trial.  If you’ve completed enough trials, with the last few letters, you should be able to figure out where Shaun is being held.  But there’s several of them on the map, and you’ve only got enough time to go to one.  Which one is it?  Listen to the final message for a clue as to where to head to next.  Can’t figure it out?  Head to the location by the water.  Select it on your GPS and off you go.

Simple Mind

A trophy that is pretty easy to miss.  Save the Origami Killer before he falls off the high-beams at the Old Warehouse.  When you’re fighting him he’ll eventually slip and hold on by a few fingers.  Help him up and you’ll get this trophy.  Kind of counter-intuitive, which is why getting this trophy requires a simple mind.

So Close…

Make it to the final level with all characters alive, and then fail with all of them.  How you ask?

a)  Resist Triptocane in the previous scenes and figure out who the Origami Killer is.  Likewise, as Madison, call Jayden during the Killer’s Place scene, provided she survived.  Die on the conveyor belt.
b)  Hide in the fridge and make it out of the Killer’s Place alive.  Madison will make it to the final scene and try to storm the place to save Ethan.  Make her lose her balance on her motorcycle–she’ll be detained.
c)  Ethan will automatically fail when he opens the door.


This is the most time-consuming and frustrating trophies the game has to offer, as it requires almost a complete play-through to discover if you’ve achieved it or not.  Find and examine all evidence relating to the crime using Jayden’s ARI system, and correctly identify the Origami Killer.  You need to resist Tripto as well for Jayden to make it to the final scene.

The Crime Scene

When you first arrive at the crime scene, talk to Blake and then comb the area for evidence.  Most of it is junk, but check it anyways, even the dead cat.  Examine the blood evidence on the fence going up the hill, and take the hill up to the top near the roadside.  Jayden will get soaked by a passing car.  Find the tire tracks and impressions up here and then return to the Wastes area to the body.  Do a double-take on the body to make sure you have everything.  At some point Blake will approach you and tell you he’s leaving.  Stay to finish up your work.

Mad Jack’s Garage

When you first arrive at Mad Jack’s Garage, do not examine the acid bath.  This will initiate the action sequence between Jayden and Mad Jack.  Go into Jack’s office and use the ARI system to uncover evidence here.  Make your way to the back of the garage, pressing R1 every few steps to uncover more evidence.  Be sure to check the paint on the ground, the orchid pollen in the air, and the work tables in the far corners of the shop.  When you’re positive you’ve collected everything, proceed to the entrance and examine the acid bath.  You need to examine the acid bath, or else you haven’t discovered all of the evidence.

Paco’s Office

After chasing the killer out into the club again, return to Paco’s office.  Comb the office for evidence, including Madison and Paco’s fingerprints.  Be sure to pick up the two receipts left behind by the killer.  Pick up the gun and the bullet casings near the door.  Jayden won’t leave until he finds the ARI sunglasses.

Identifying the Killer

By this point you should have examined and geo-analyzed all evidence that you have.  During Jayden’s last-ditch effort to find out who the Origami Killer is, examine the two receipts and run geo-analysis on them.  Then take a look at the video from Jayden’s sunglasses.  Stop the video when the killer has him pinned to the desk–Jayden will instantly recognize the killer’s watch as something he’s seen before.  Run a geo-analysis again on the watch to determine where it might have come from.  Take care not to take too long in this area, especially if you’ve taken Tripto during the game.  If he starts to bleed from both eyes, it’s game over for Special Agent Norman Jayden.  However it is possible to complete this section without dying, even if you’ve taken Tripto before, you just need to be quick with the video and geo-analysis.

Perfect Crime

A trophy that will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after you obtain it.  To obtain it feels like you’ve failed, but the bad guy has to win every once in a while, right? To get the Perfect Crime trophy, load the game from Hassan’s Shop.  After Hassan has directed you to the back corner for some generic asthma inhalers, hide back there until the robber shoots Hassan (you COWARD!) and flees.

The next set of objectives starts at the Manfred scene.  You need to avoid talking to the police after Manfred is killed.  To do that, you need to erase all traces of your presence at Manfred’s store.  Clean your fingerprints off of
a)  The telephone used to dial 911
b)  The telephone at the main desk
c)  The shot glasses and bottle of scotch
d)  The music box Lauren was toying around with and the glass she was leaning on
e)  The door

The next set of objectives occur in the Trapped scene.  After Scott has been knocked out and tied up in his car at the bottom of the lake, untie him and kick out the window without saving Lauren.

To get this ending, Jayden and Madison must die at some point in the game, allowing the Origami Killer to get away scott free.

This isn’t the entire trophy guide, as a lot of the trophies in Heavy Rain are relatively easy to get.  There’s an additional trophy that you can get as well.  It requires you to obtain all endings of the game, but that will be covered in more detail in the Endings Guide.

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