Hate the door animations in Resident Evil? Ditch em!


Oh, the wonderful world of mods.  Would Fallout 3 would look better with a green sky, still reminiscent of when the atomic bombs fell?  Or would the menus in Skyrim could use a bit more refining?  Or would Resident Evil 5 would have been better with a Jill sprite instead of Sheva?  Or a Jill sprite instead of Chris?  The answer to these questions is yes, and if you’re fortunate enough to game on PC, the modding community has you covered.

The Fluffy Master 5000 now allows people to easily mod Resident Evil HD RemasterResident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Revelations.  In addition to allowing players to easily manage mods, it also allows you to minimize the iconic door animations in RE HD Remaster.

YouTube video

Look, I get it that the door animations are an important part of the overall feel of the game.  But they become a bit less endearing when you’ve played through an area before, know what’s on the other side of the door (provided you killed and burned it already) and are just trying to get back to the item room.  Personally,  I use the door animations to drink and shove food in my face, but your mileage may vary.

To grab the mod manager, head here.  To grab the mod, head over here.


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