Gylt, Kid-Friendly Survival Horror, Releases on PC and PlayStation

Gylt: Girl running into a school at night.

From developer Tequila Works (Deadlight) and Parallel Circus comes Gylt, a child-friendly survival horror game. Yes, you read that right. Initially aiming for release on the now-defunct Google Stadia, this third-person fantasy title is now out on Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The art style, reminiscent of movies such as Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas, evokes a delightfully dark, yet childlike Tim Burton aesthetic. The plot has an Alan Wake vibe about it as well, with player character Sally finding herself in an odd mirror version of her hometown after trying to take a mining car back home. With shadowy monsters present, Sally must use her flashlight to defend herself.

Gameplay similarities to Alan Wake don’t stop there. Scattered around are batteries Sally can use for her flashlight. Variants of the monsters, including invisible ones, cow enemies, and terrifying mannequins are ever present. However, these creatures can easily be taken down, which is why the game is more child-friendly than your regular survival horror.

Gylt: Girl running through a school bathed in orange light.

Collectible text logs are also scattered throughout as you make your way through the game, along with sections that include stealth-mechanics relating to boss fights, stealth takedowns, and more.

While Gylt’s primary audience is children, this doesn’t mean more experienced horror players won’t enjoy its whimsical style. It’ll be like taking a break from the more rigorous, heart-stopping games you might typically play to enjoy an easier adventure that invites memories of being a kid again.

Tasked with saving your cousin from shadow versions of school bullies in a move that rivals heartfelt coming-of-age movies, Gylt looks like a great survival horror game that can be enjoyed by all audiences. And hey, if you have children yourself, this is a great way to introduce them to the world of horror and give them a gentle introduction to game mechanics they may come across in more mature games. It’s a win-win!

You can purchase Gylt on Steam and the PlayStation store. Look out for an upcoming release on GOG as well. Also, don’t forget to check out the new launch trailer below.

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