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Gothic visual novel “The House in Fata Morgana” has you journey through time

Fata Morgana

You awaken in a dark, eerie mansion and are greeted by a beautiful maid who refers to you as her “master”. You have no recollection of who you are, so the maid guides you across the mansion and shows you doors that allow you to relive the past. Perhaps there you can rediscover who you are and what the mansion means to you.

That is the setup of an upcoming visual novel by Novectacle, which is going to be released by Manga Gamer on may 13th, 2016. Featuring a beautiful, gothic art-style, it has readers explore the stories of the different residents that have occupied the mansion in the past and what fate had in store for them. These tales are filled with curses and mistrust, so it looks like we’ll have quite the juicy mystery on our hands soon.

The House in Fata Morgana is coming to Steam and Manga Gamer’s own storefront and will cost $24.95 for the regular edition and $34.95 for the deluxe edition that includes the soundtrack.

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