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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Coming to PS4!

Hot off the news that Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered would be coming out on the Xbox One, there is an official confirmation from Sony that the game will also be coming to the PS4. Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Mad Dog Games, this enhanced version of the game has been sourced from the hard drive of one of the original game’s creators and remastered in 4K.

First released in 2009, Ghostbusters: The Video Game featured the original cast of the films and followed the exploits of the Ghostbusters as they recruited a new member to their team in an effort to lighten the load of all the work created by a recent surge in paranormal activity. As this rookie recruit, players got to tag along with the guys as they made their way around New York City bustin’ all kinds of spectral baddies.

I loved this game when it first came out. It was a blast to finally gets my hands on a movie-accurate proton pack. The game lets you throw streams and capture ghosts using the patented ghost traps, just like you’d expect as a fan of the movies. It truly felt like you were another member of the original team. After a string of underwhelming titles on previous consoles, Ghostbusters: The Video Game was the first game that finally got it right and was able to capture the adventure and excitement of the movies.

Some new additions to the remastered version include:

  • Enhanced audio, featuring the voices and in-game likenesses of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson
  • All of the in-game videos and cutscenes have been remastered in 4K
  • Enhanced textures and lighting

I really can’t wait for this one. I had been thinking about dusting off my old PS3 copy, but this is the perfect excuse to wait just a little longer and play a spiffed-up version of this classic game. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is set for release sometime in 2019, but Sony is expected to announce more details about the game soon.

Check out the new reveal trailer below.

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