Ghost Camera combines the horror of Fatal Frame with augmented reality capabilities

YouTube video

Tecmo Koei is at it again. The creators of the spooky Japanese horror series Fatal Frame are working on “Ghost Camera”, a new game to be released in Japan that will utilize AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities.

Using the 3DS camera, players will be able to snuff out and hunt for spooky stuff in the real world. According to, the game will also come with an AR Notebook, known as the “Violet Journal”, which players will be able to scan with the 3DS camera as youplay, and will also be the source of many ghosts and other mysterious things which you will have to clear.

Ghost Camera is set to be released in Japan on January 12th, at a price of ¥3,800.

Here are some screenshots from the game, as well as the AR capabilities attached using the 3DS with the notebook.



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