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Get Even is a Psychological Horror Blend of SAW and Condemned

Developer The Farm has lift the lid on their psychological horror game Get Even after an announcement back in 2014. Now with Bandai Namco as publisher, Get Even has a spring 2017 release date and a new trailer.

Get Even features two parallel narratives and is described as a “techno-thriller” with a “moving, serious story”. The trailer gives us a little background on a character named Cole Black. Cole has lost his memory, awoken in an asylum, and must help a teenage girl who has been rigged with explosives.

Additional story details are thin, but The Farm has put a lot of stock into the game’s technologies – Auro-3D acoustics for advanced sound design and unique 3D scanning technology for the characters and game world. They state Get Even has a “scale not yet seen in the video game industry.”

Players have access to weapons and a fancy cellphone with pseudo-forensic tools. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting vibes of a cyberpunk SAW meets Condemned: Criminal Origins. This one might be worth keeping an eye on! Look for it next spring on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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