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Get an early look at Haunted Memories, for free

“Haunted Memories is in Early Access, and is not a finished game yet. The base game is free to all Steam users, and the follow-up episodes will be for purchase. Help us in development of Haunted Memories and submit all bugs you will find! A few of the most active players will gain free access to all six episodes of HM!”
-Madman Theory Games

A new indie title based on the Slender games titled Haunted Memories is being released as a six-part series, with the first episode being free to play. While it is an early pre-beta release right now, the game does look interesting.

Episodes are divided by themes, either collector, where you need to find key items and use them to proceed, or adventure, with some being a mixture of both. Most impressive right now are the lighting effects which are similar to what’s found in Alan Wake, with a “distorted TV screen” sort of filter.

After some hands-on time with the game, I think I can say it is pretty spooky. You begin by gaining consciousness stumbling along a forest path which leads you to a car with some supplies. After moving through a gate you catch your first glimpse of Slenderman and must proceed to collect items in order to advance. The mood begins pretty slow and suspenseful, but as you move along Slenderman’s appearances become more and more frequent.

One improvement I would cite over other Slender games is that instead of the loud BOOM you hear when Slenderman is in pursuit you hear a rustling sound. It is so easy to mistake as the sound of your own walking that I didn’t notice it until I stopped moving and kept hearing it. The experience was incredibly unnerving, with some nice visuals. I would recommend it to any fan of the other Slender games.


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