GARAGE: Bad Trip is a B-Movie Inspired Zombie Shoot-Em-Up

GARAGE: Bad Trip

We live in a world where someone thought, “Yeah, Hotline Miami was pretty cool. But, what if instead of killing mobsters, you killed zombies and monsters?” Well, the team at Zombie Dynamics has released GARAGE: Bad Trip which, as previously mentioned, is Hotline Miami with zombies, monsters and is inspired by VHS era B-movies. All of that is music to my ears.

Originally released on the Nintendo Switch on May 10, 2018, GARAGE: Bad Trip has made its way onto a far inferior gaming machine, the PC. Gameplay wise, it has many similarities with other top-down shooters. But, GARAGE: Bad Trip utilises ammunition management and racing to put on unique spin on the genre and spice up the gameplay.

Also, the graphical style is too gorgeous. The B-movie inspiration is very clear as the violence is over-the-top and everything has this dirty, retro feel. More video games need to take advantage of this aesthetic as it really is something to behold. GARAGE: Bad Trip is available through Steam and the Nintendo Switch eshop.

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