Gamescom: Predator Hunting Grounds Gameplay Revealed

What’s the matter? Pushing too many pencils? Predator Hunting Grounds (which was announced back in May) finally has some gameplay to show. Admittedly it’s uh… not much gameplay, but gameplay never the less. IllFonic Games, one of the developers behind Friday the 13th: The Game are taking the fight to the jungle in this asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, and it looks like their head is in the right place with the tone here:

YouTube video

I will say I’m left a bit high and dry by the lack of real hunter gameplay here. Like, not even really fighting the titular killer. Less than a minute of military co-op shooter stuff (against what I assume are bots, because the game is still listed as 4 v 1). Anyway, the developers shed some light on what we see:

The jungle scene in the demo is lush and full of danger. With the amount of foliage to blend in with, threats can come from anywhere. In particular, unlike many games, you HAVE to remember to look up. The jungle is a playground for the Predator, with all the tree trunks to climb and branches to leap across. We really wanted to capture that element of surprise and anticipation of what is behind that bush, or tree, or stone as you approach it. The Fire Team should feel like badasses against the human enemies yet feel afraid of the true danger in the map: the Predator.

The Predator can quickly run and jump from tree to tree or jump down to and up from the ground while moving around the map. The Predator is a monster that should come out of nowhere always keeping the Fire Team on their toes. It gives the game that tension / horror the Predator IP is known for.

We created a system for the Predator that we call “Predkour” in the studios; think parkour meets Predator. The Predator has the ability to attack from above as well as on the ground, just like in the films. This meant we needed to create a system for the Predator to climb into the trees and move limb from limb, or structure. The Predkour system has really been the most challenging element to the game. We wanted the Predator’s movement from tree-to-tree to feel effortless and make you feel inhuman with your ability to bound around the map.

We eagerly look forward to hearing more about Predator Hunting Grounds soon, and it releases exclusively for PS4 next year. You can read more of the developer’s thoughts in the source below.


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