Gamescom 2023: Scorn Coming To PS5 October 5th

We’ve known for a while that Ebb software’s gorefest Scorn would be coming to PlayStation 5, after being released previously on PC, and Xbox Series S|X. During this year’s Gamescom, we now have confirmation of the game’s release date.

Scorn will be available for PlayStation 5 on October 5, pretty much one year after its initial release for PC and Xbox consoles. However, Ebb software haven’t just ported the game, but also added platform-specific features:

We’ve taken full advantage of the DualSense’s capabilities to heighten the level of immersion when playing on PlayStation 5. From the haptic feedback of the controller which varies depending on the in-game sound and intensity of the situation to the adaptive triggers which make every tool and weapon feel unique.

The introduction of these features take Scorn’s horrors to a whole new level, gripping players in an entirely fresh way. – Ljubomir Peklar, game director Ebb Software

If you haven’t played Scorn yet, or want to give it another go, this will be your chance. While the game got mixed reviews, its visuals and dense atmosphere certainly make it a title to keep in mind going forward to a potential sequel at some point.

Besides the PlayStation 5 version being available for pre-order right now, there will also be an exclusive physical deluxe edition, published by Maximum Games, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

The physical deluxe edition includes:

  • Full game
  • Limited Edition SteelBook case
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Digital artbook

It’s worth noting that both, the digital artbook and the OST, will only be provided digitally via a download code.

You can have a look at the PlayStation 5 release date trailer below.

YouTube video

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