Gamescom 2018: Metro Exodus is F**King Gorgeous - Rely on Horror

Gamescom 2018: Metro Exodus is F**King Gorgeous

Metro Exodus

Despite the series’ universal acclaim, I still feel 4A Games is vastly underrated. The developer behind the Metro series continues to push visual boundaries, complimenting the wonderful world-building and environment design found in each subsequent entry. In Metro Exodus, the upcoming third game in the series, that’s no different. It’s fucking gorgeous.

A new Metro Exodus trailer has released from Gamescom, highlighting the power of NVIDIA’s new RTX GPUs with ray-tracing technology. You can thank ray-tracing, the next big thing in PC graphics, for the staggering and atmospheric lighting effects on display in this new trailer. From a brightly lit mountainside to a dark and foggy forest, Metro Exodus is going to force lots of people to drop hundreds of dollars down on a new GPU – I know I’m tempted even though I have a 1080Ti… Hey, NVIDIA, I have spooky games to review. Holler.

Metro Exodus is set for a February 22, 2019 release on PX, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For visuals as seen in the trailer, you’re gonna have to shell out for NVIDIA’s 20-series GPUs – sorry. But the game will no doubt look and play great regardless. And if you’d rather put your money toward more Metro stuff, you can pre-order the Metro Exodus Limited Aurora Edition for $89.99.

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