Gamescom 2017: My Memory of Us is cute, dark, and coming to PC

My Memory of Us, a grim yet whimsical adventure platformer from Juggler Games, not only has a trailer but will also be at Gamescom this week. It will be coming to PC sometime next year, but Gamescom attendees will get the opportunity to demo it early.

Its gameplay features puzzle solving in 2.5D as you make your way through the world using interesting pair mechanics. You’ll control two characters, a boy and a girl, with different abilities. She can run fast and he can sneak, but they work best together, finding strength in each other to overcome their fears.

Children have a different way of looking at the world and are often able to find happiness where adults can’t, especially in times of adversity. My Memory of Us illustrates that concept with striking visuals and a moving story about friendship in the face of danger. It reminds me a bit of old fables or Brothers Grimm tales, which set out to teach us something while sending chills down our spines. My Memory of Us takes most of its inspiration from actual events, however. It’s based on true stories from the Jewish ghetto in German-occupied Poland during World War II. It references people and places in that time period, but it appears to take place in a fantasy world.

Check out the trailer below, which starts out adorable and quickly turns dark.

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