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Gamescom 2017: Fear Effect: Reinvented Remakes PS1 Classic

Woah, talk about a pleasant surprise!

Fear Effect was a teenage years favorite of mine, a cinematic cell-shading style game that followed a team of mercenaries who end up caught in the darkest parts of the criminal underworld, and eventually (no lie) hell. It eventually got a prequel, and plans for a third entry on the (at the time) next-gen PS2, but… that fell through. That was all she wrote for Fear Effect, short lived and left behind 16 years ago . Amazingly, thanks to Square Enix’s new ‘Collective’ division, it’s back!

Announced today via a brief cinematic trailer, Fear Effect: Reinvented is a full remake of the original 2000 PS1 game, and I couldn’t be more excited! Coming to everything (PS4, XBO, Switch, and PC), Reinvented is a little ways off, but I’m already absolutely on board. The original is part of an era of experimental horror games that I feel the industry sorely lacks these days, and to see it return so out of the blue is a great sign to me. I will say that I wish the cell-shading was a little more prominent here, as the original game looked very deliberately like a comic book, but it is a very early trailer, so it could be a while before we see any more. If you can’t wait that long, there’s also Fear Effect: Sedna, an isometric action game that’s following up on the events of the original games, in the original art style.

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