Game Informer outs Silent Hill Book of Memories release date (Update: Konami confirms)

Update: Konami has confirmed that the date is indeed October 16th.

Noticed by our very own Rourke was the release date for Silent Hill Book of Memories, spotted within the October issue of Game Informer. We’ve waited a long time for a date and we finally have one. Hopefully Konami will issue a press release, soon. The game’s last delay didn’t have one and that confused a lot of people.

The release date comes from Game Informer’s New Releases section. October 16th is the day that many Silent Hill “fans” will lose their shit and try to raid their local Gamestop in an effort to convince people that blasphemy has been committed by Konami. I on the other hand am excited for this game. It looks fun, sounds fun, and has the right to be fun as long as it’s well made. Here’s hoping it’s just that.

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