Furniture Store Survival Horror Game “The Store Is Closed” Trailer Released

The Store is Closed

Have you ever been to Ikea, but then it becomes a horror survival game?

Introducing The Store Is Closed, developed by Ziggy, a hobbyist game developer from London, UK, who started a Kickstarter campaign for the title in August.

The origin of The Store Is Closed can be found in SCP3008, a former Ikea store that has taken on a life of itself and traps people inside its massive structure.

The freshly released trailer shows us some gameplay scenes in which some of the game’s mechanics such as building, destructible objects can be seen in action as well as some of the store’s inhabitants who may or may not be set to kill the player.

This is how Ziggy describes the title’s premise:

You’re trapped in an infinite furniture store, trying to survive against the mutant staff who attack at night. You must explore the store, alone or with your friends, to find a way out. Luckily, it’s filled with furniture that can be used to craft weapons or build fortifications to survive the night.

Eventually you’ll wander too deep into the store and attract something dangerous. The Managers.

A rather extensive list of features planned to be in the game has also been released:

Unique setting

  • Explore an endless world, filled with different departments such as the show floor, cafes and warehouse sections.
  • Every day the store will close; the lights go out and the staff become more dangerous. Make sure you have a weapon to defend yourself, or hide until the store opens again.
  • Explore the mysterious SCP labs, where you’ll find unique weapons, crafting materials and more dangerous staff.
  • Build towers to the sky and discover what lies above. There are both secrets, and horrors above.
  • Where is the exit? Since the staff aren’t talkative you’ll need to figure this out yourself. There are rumours of SCP scientists wandering about so maybe they’ll know.

Key features

  • The entire world is destructible. Every wall, table, chair can be broken to be used as crafting materials.
  • Fight a variety of staff members. Over time more difficult staff will emerge, with more dangerous foes guarding certain departments.
  • You’ll need a home base to return to at night. Build walls to keep the staff out, campfires to cook food and crafting tables to make weapons.
  • You’ll need to eat. Savage food from the cafes dotted around the world, and return home to cook more fortifying meals on your campfire.
  • Discover the origins of the store, and find out what the SCP foundation are doing in their underground bunkers.
  • You’re not alone. The game features Online COOP; fight the staff and build bases with friends.


The longer you survive the more dangerous the staff become. Eventually you’ll attract the attention of managers. You’ll battle increasingly difficult bosses and combat events as you progress.

Venture further into the store’s depths discovering unique locations, crafting materials and weapons along the way.

The game features a deep crafting tree. Build crafting benches, tools and explore the world to create a variety of items.

Carve out a home in the madness. Fortify your base with increasingly sturdy walls and dangerous traps with the flatpack furniture from the store.

Level up. Gain levels and skills as you survive, making you a more formidable customer as the days pass.

The list seems quite ambitious, however, its Kickstarter campaign has already gathered more than double its initial goal of £10,000 (around $11,000). Additionally, several stretch goals have also been reached. Having been able to release the trailer on major outlets such as IGN’s YouTube channel will help the campaign get closer to the biggest currently available stretch goal of £40,000.

The Store Is Closed does not yet have an official release date, but it can already be wishlisted on its Steam page.

Have a look at the trailer:



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