From Neverending Nightmares to Devastated Dreams


Devastated Dreams is a personal psychological horror game. Rather than just picking out a generic scenario and throwing in random horror things because “horror,” the developer decided to incorporate their own personal fears and experiences into it like they’ve done with their previous game, Neverending Nightmares (if you felt that this black-and-white storybook art style looked familiar, that’s why). This time, the fear is stepping into parenthood for the first time as well as the vulnerability felt when in an area without the advanced technology most of us have grown accustomed to.

The game will take place in the Philippines with a woman named Angel as our protagonist. It will delve into Philippine folklore and some of their mythical creatures from their tales. Angel will struggle through multiple different nightmares while you the player try to piece together the story. The game prioritizes character narrative, vulnerability and atmosphere in its gameplay and experience. Puzzles will also be a focus but they won’t be anything overly intricate or tedious in design. Listed inspirations for the game are the recent P.T Demo for Silent Hills, the Silent Hill series in general, Amnesia The Dark Decent, and the Siren series.

The game is still able to be funded on it’s Kickstarter page. You can also follow their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and their Dev blog.

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