Friday the 13th: New Map, Counselors, Jason, Kills and More Coming Soon

With the launch of the new website for Friday the 13th  comes news of just what the developer is working on and when we can expect it. According to the site, new content in the form of a new map, two new counselors, and a new Jason are on the horizon. Additional clothing options like the Spring Break 1984 pack will drop soon as well, making counselors feel even more vulnerable in bikinis, trunks and hopefully a douchey speedo for counselor Chad.

More details are expected to drop soon regarding the content, but if I were to guess we might see something around PAX West in a few weeks. The unrevealed map is said to be free (in addition to the new fast paced versions of existing maps). There’s presently no pricing details available for the new Jason or counselors. The Spring Break clothing pack will sell for $3.99 but launch for a limited time price of $1.99. New Jason kills for each existing variant will ostensibly be patched in for free. Keep an eye on the official site for updates.


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