Friday the 13th: Jason #8 and Packanack Lodge Map Revealed

Friday the 13th: The Game is edging closer to its nebulous “early 2017” release date, so as such we’re seeing some new material. The team behind the multiplayer survival horror game have revealed the Jason: Part 8 playable character and a first look at the Packanack Lodge map.

Jason: Part 8 comes from the eight film in the franchise where he “takes” Manhattan after boarding a boat filled with students en route to New York City. He’s slimy, brooding, and lumpy. Players can additionally see his monstrous face underneath the mask if they happen to knock it off during play. He kind of looks like a rotten pumpkin. Aw.

As for Packanack Lodge, this new in-game location is ripped straight out of Friday The 13th Part 2. Check out this post on Reddit to see a direct comparison to the source material. Not bad.

Friday the 13th: The Game‘s multiplayer releases sometime soon. Here’s hoping we find out when and that the team has fine tuned it to bloody perfection.

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