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Freak Out Your Friends in Hide and Shriek


The only thing the Rely on Horror team loves more than horror is laughing at each other’s expense. That could be why we are so excited to see Funcom’s latest game, Hide and Shriek, launching on October 25th. This game looks incredibly fun, but there is a catch: you have to bring a friend. People who are routinely roped into family game night should see this as a golden opportunity to have some serious fun.

Hide and Shriek is a 1v1 game in which both players are invisible. Your goal is to utilize the tools around you to build traps and jump scares to startle your friend, thus amassing the most points during your ten-minute match. You can also gain points by performing a ritual, but you might be giving your opponent time to build the trap that brings home the winning point. Lure your friend into your snare, or find them as they make noise and open doors. Whatever you do, be sure you catch them first.

We’ve got a little less than a week before the game launches, which gives everyone time to go make a friend or watch this launch trailer Funcom released. It also gives you plenty of time to save up the $5.99 you need to buy the game on Steam, though fast movers can grab it on sale. I am sure we will  have at least one stream of Hide and Shriek after release, so be sure to keep an eye on our Twitch and Twitter feeds so you don’t miss the fun.

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